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Growing consumer interest in camping has led to a dramatic need for investment in RV park and campground property development. 

Consumer interest in camping is at an all-time high. RV Sales are at record levels. This has resulted in a rising interest in the RV Park and campground industry from investors, developers, landowners, and small business entrepreneurs attracted by high returns and a historically recession proof business. This growth in consumer interest has led to an unprecedented expansion of RV Parks and Campgrounds throughout the U.S. that will likely continue into the next decade.

Our Market and Feasibility studies are the most comprehensive in the outdoor hospitality industry. Each report is researched and written by a team of experienced consultants who have owned and operated RV parks and campgrounds.

Buying a new property for development.

Determining which property has the greatest income producing potential in a geographic area.

Investing in expansion of an existing RV park or campground.

The top RV Park and Campground developers use Campground Consulting Group for their Feasibility and Market & Competitive Analysis Studies. When creating our Financial Planning and Detailed Pro Forma Projections we use our proprietary algorithms, developed by us in 40+ years of successful RV Park and Campground Investing.

Market and Competitive Analysis Study

A Market & Competitive Analysis Study is an affordable first step for project evaluation, examining the market potential and the strength of a specific project or general area.

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Below are just some of the topics we cover in our industry leading reports.

  • On-site visit of the property and the market area
  • Industry overview, demographics, trends, projections
  • RV Park and Campground business models, development levels and target markets
  • Review Local markets, RV ownership in the markets, and attractions
  • Comparative review of area parks and competitors
  • Detailed project concept description including facilities, development levels, amenities, accomodations, revenue sources and more
  • High level land suitability analysis: load carrying estimates for capacity, sites, rental, activities, amenities, facilities and more
  • Review of development levels and sample layouts
  • SWOT analysis
  • Professional “go or no-go” recommendation and Next Steps

Feasibility Study

A Feasibility Study includes all the topics covered in the above Market & Competitive Analysis Study with significant additional detail, often required by financial institutions & investors.

Aerial view of RV parking camping park Resort with travel clubhouse

Operating recommendations

  • Guest service standards
  • Personnel requirements
  • Operating season management options
  • Pre-opening marketing plan

Financial Planning & Detailed 5 Year Pro Forma Projections

  • Rate Setting and Occupancy Projections
  • Ancillary Recommendations
  • Construction cost estimates
  • Five Year Operating Projected Analysis and statements
  • Five Year Return on Investment analysis
  • Condominium/Lot sale analysis with Absorbtion and velocity rates - if applicable

Local and State Development Regulation Review:
including health, environment, and condominium law if appropriate.

"I can certainly recommend the Market & Competitive Analysis Study along with Feasibility Study services provided by Campground Consulting Group. The developers I have worked with have found the studies to be professional, comprehensive and beneficial in the decision-making process related to their project."

-Larry Brownfield, Director of Franchise Development, Kampgrounds of America, Inc. (KOA)