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Campground and RV Park development and construction is very different from other building projects. It is very easy to miss critical details in the design/build process and beneficial to have a second set of expert eyes when key decisions are being made. Mistakes made in the design/build process are very costly and difficult to correct. Whether you are building a new 100-acre Camp Resort or renovating/enlarging an older 100 site campground, every campground development project has a unique set of challenges. Most designers, engineers, and property developers have little knowledge of the unique needs of the camping industry. At Campground Consulting Group our technology expert has decades of campground and equipment experience and can become part of your team working with your Architects, Engineers, Contractors, and Vendors. Campground Consulting Group can develop specifications and budgets, manage the quotation and purchase process, and be sure that the design choices made are the best for the profitability and longevity of your business. Our “Future Forward” thinking will keep your team, engineers, and contractors focused on building an outdoor property that is best for your current and future camping market.

What We Do

We know RV Park construction and when our experts manage your RV Park specifications selection and quotation process, you can be sure you are receiving the best products and pricing for your project. We represent you, and only recommend products we believe are the best for the application. Campground Consulting Group never accepts manufacturer kickbacks, and our clients often receive discounted pricing due to the volume of client business we refer. This helps reduce our consulting costs while you have the peace of mind having an expert on your team.

Jayne Cohen Grand Canyon Project

Manage Specifications, Product and Vendor selection, and Pricing:

  • Manage Quotation and Bid process. Negotiate with Manufacturers and Vendors.
  • Act as Utility Interface. Research Electric, Natural Gas, Utility incentives.
  • Develop campsite power recommendations, including Pedestal Sizing and Selection.
  • Electric Meter monitoring. Including selection, antenna layout, PMS integration, and long-term feasibility.
  • Develop an EV charging strategy and implementation.
  • WIFI Plan and Vendor Selection including Fiber Optic Cable/Antenna layout and design.
  • Develop a "small footprint" sewage treatment plan for properties that need maximum system efficiency due to limited acreage.

Assistance with Green Technologies for Profitability and Image/Marketing - Including:

  • EV Charging station selection, Sizing, and feasibility
  • EV Charging Station Installation - Parking Spaces 
  • EV Charging Station Installations - Camp Sites 
  • Manage EV State/Federal Grant Research and Application Process 
  • Solar PV Generation
  • Solar Lighting 
  • Manage Solar Power Generation State/Federal Grant Research and Application Process 
  • Facilities Hot water selection
  • Park Model Design, and Utility requirements  
  • Pool Heating Sizing and Selection 
  • Camp Site Pedestal Sizing and Selection 
  • Playground Equipment Selection. 

Campsite Equipment Specifying and Purchasing - Including:

  • Fire rings 
  • Picnic Tables 
  • Bathroom fixtures and dryers
  • Security
  • ADA Selection
  • Tiki Huts
  • BBQ Grills

"The depth and breadth of Jayne and the Campground Consulting Group team’s campground knowledge was truly amazing.   Their feasibility study provided valuable industry insight allowing our team all the tools necessary to make a complete and informed credit decision."

-Eric Manke, Senior Vice President, Business Development Manager, Byline Bank

"Campground Consulting Group provided valuable insight in assessing a development opportunity for an outdoor visitor accommodation project. We needed expertise to evaluate the opportunity and provide conceptual planning. They were professional, extremely knowledgeable about the market and trends, provided excellent analysis and reporting, and were cognizant of all deliverable timelines. As a team, they provide full-service consulting and understand the outdoor RV and camping business inside and out. I highly recommend their services."

-Marian Olin, CA, Port Director, Santa Cruz Harbor

"Campground Consulting Group with President Jayne Cohen and her team are the #1 source for market and feasibility studies, land planning, marketing, and operational guidance in the campground and RV Park industry. The firm and its principals have more than 100 years of hands-on experience in the industry. They are the go-to firm if you need the highest quality consulting."

-David Gorin, Past President & CEO of the National Association of RV Parks & Campgrounds

"I had the pleasure of working with Jayne Cohen and Campground Consulting Group recently after a campground acquisition. Jayne's industry knowledge is superb and her ability to efficiently complete assignments is outstanding. I highly recommend Jayne and her team to campground owners looking for outside expertise to assist with operational challenges."

-Bradd Rubman, Appletree Bay Property Management, Burlington, VT

"I have been working with Jayne Cohen and Campground Consulting Group for many years because they are the premier campground consultants. The knowledge and experience they have is second to none in our industry. Whether they are providing owner operators with operational audits, or buyers and developers with feasibility studies on expansion and development potential, their expertise is invaluable. I regularly refer buyers and sellers to Jayne to assist them with bringing the business to the next level. Both seasoned park operators and those new to the industry will benefit from the level of detail, professionalism, knowledge, and integrity that Jayne and her team offer."

-Mia Caetano Johnson, Northeast Campground Brokers

"Jayne and her team assisted me with due diligence on a park here in Texas that I had under contract. The property was a challenging puzzle given that it is in a desirable part of Texas and is one of the prettiest parks in the entire state. But it's not making money, so I was assessing a turnaround and the risks associated with that process. Jayne brought expertise to the process in numerous ways, but specifically her understanding of highly amenitized parks, extensive cabin operations, and transient park operations/assumptions. Even though I am an experienced RV park owner, she helped me refine my underwriting assumptions and make the right decision. I call her regularly on my own due diligence, development prospects, and market analysis."

- Austin Faught, President, RV Park Management, Austin, TX

"Hickory Hills Camp Resort has been a dedicated client of Campground Consulting Group since 2013. When we signed with Jayne, she assured us we would never pay for her services as an expense. She explained that her recommendations would always make us more money than her consulting fees would cost. Her promise rang true, and we have been making great strides with business improvements ever since. Our business has expanded with new construction in the last few years and Jayne’s direction was crucial to our success. Our bank representatives stated that hiring Campground Consulting Group was the best decision we could have made. I whole heartedly agree with them! "

-Vickie Maxey, Owner, Hickory Hills Camp Resort, Spencer, Indiana

"Having known and worked with Jayne for over 30 years, I can attest to her vast experience in the outdoor recreation industry as an owner, operator, developer, and consultant. These attributes, in combination with one another, enable her to provide tremendous industry knowledge and insight to her clients. I would highly recommend Jayne and Campground Consulting Group to anyone who is looking to expand their existing properties or who may be entering into this industry for the first time."

-Rob Schutter, President, Camp Jellystone, LLC

"As a 32-year veteran in the RV industry I can attest to the value of a third party, like Campground Consulting Group, and what they can bring to the table. I had the pleasure of working with Jayne Cohen on a new RV park project and the level of detail she and her team provided is exceptional! It’s so nice to work with someone who really knows the industry so well and can relate to the questions and concerns of another industry professional."

-Terry Munoz, Vice President Recreational Properties Division, Signorelli Companies, The Woodlands, TX

"I can certainly recommend the Market & Competitive Analysis Study along with Feasibility Study services provided by Campground Consulting Group. The developers I have worked with have found the studies to be professional, comprehensive, and beneficial in the decision-making process related to their project."

-Larry Brownfield, Assistant Vice President of Franchise Development Services, Kampgrounds of America, Inc. (KOA)